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Everettsville: Music

"Kitchen Blues" (lyrics)

(Don Everett Pearce)
(c)(p) 2011 Don Everett Pearce

A tale of love, betrayal, regret and revenge…in waltz time.


I dropped in without warning but it was no surprise
"Oh brother, you’re something,” said the look in her eyes
She slid the chain off the door and she let me in
I couldn’t blame her if she didn’t
I did her wrong and I admit it


I sat at her table, she stood by the stove
In a T-shirt and sweat pants, getting over a cold
There was soup in a pot, there was steam in the air
I said “Give me just a minute, I can explain from the beginning”


She just stood there stirring as I pleaded my case
She was only enduring my presence out of grace
Her mind was all made up, I was getting nowhere
She said, “’I’m sorry’ doesn’t cut it, you shoulda thought before you done it”


Why can’t we get back on the right track
Back to the night we met
There was fire in the dark
We splashed through the park
Laughing as we got wet


There was rain on the window when she brought me my coat
I said, “If I leave now, I’m gonna get soaked”
She showed me no mercy, she showed me the door
I couldn’t blame her when she did it
I did her wrong and I admit it